The supply chain space continues to get more complex and is changing rapidly, particularly as new technologies are deployed. We believe in leveraging our technology to the fullest by offering a holistic suite of options. We focus on innovation that helps us deliver solutions that best serve our Principals and customers.
I.T Department
  • Online and real-time visibility is only as good as the dependability of the technology. Pharmalink’s in-house IT support team is comprised of technical experts with program-level knowledge of our systems. They will configure a Supply chain structure to fit every unique warehousing, distribution, inventory and reporting requirement. All of the information is handled with the utmost sensitivity ensuring safe and confidential retention.
  • We strive to continually enhance and evolve our multi-platform & multi-technology environment. We also offer innovative and specialized solutions to help achieve high performance and deliver business value to our client.
  • As the amount of data available increases, Distributors will need to be able to take the information and make it relevant.
  • Today, data is too valuable to be fragmented. Our Advanced Reporting Dashboard will put information at your fingertips, all on a single platform, so you can make the kinds of decisions that will put your organization ahead of the curve.
  • Having all of the data, visibility and transparency creates a lot of Opportunities to identify Synergies within the Supply Chain.
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